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2 Central Principles of Physiology – Course Overview.mp4
3 Membrane Physiology Pores, Channels, Carriers Lecturio.mp4
1 Course Overview Physiology.mp4
Physiology of excitative tissues lecture france.pptx
Лекция №-1 (1 междун).ppt
Ecxitability tissues.pdf
Excitation and inhibition in CNS.pptx

Regulation of blood pressure

Regulation of Mean Arterial Pressure.mp4
Baroreflex Regulation of Blood Pressure Animation_480p.mp4
Neural and humoral regulation of vascular tone.mp4
Mechanisms of Venous Return.mp4

Blood functions

Chemical Buffers - protein buffer, phosphate buffer system and bicarbonate buffer system.mp4
The Composition and Function of Blood.mp4
The Blood Buffer System.mp4
intestinal digestion.ppt